It’s that time of year again! A time for gathering ’round with family and partaking in holiday meals and merriment. And, oh yes, Inkling Results Day!

Thank you for everyone who joined us for Inkling #3. We’ll be doing Inkling #4 sometime in Spring 2018 (exact dates TBA).

The average amount of correct answers (for both the team and solo sets) were remarkably similar to those for Inkling #2, so you all get high marks for consistency! However, that does not mean we have any repeat winners. We’ve got brand new champs for both divisions.

And the Winners Are…

A total of 59 packets were completed and sent back – 36 teams and 23 individuals. There was a possible total of 140 points.

In the team division, with a score of 128, the winners are Crimea River from San Jose!

In the individual division, with a score of 114, the winner is Jason Sterlacci from Somerset, NJ!

Congrats to our winners! I’ll be in contact with you soon regarding delivery of your TOLVUs.

View the full rankings for Inkling #3

View the full set of questions/answers from Inkling #3 (also contains notes on the percentage each question was answered correctly)