The time has come! Registration for Inkling #2 is now open.

Whether you participated in Inkling #1 or not, I hope you’ll consider joining us this time. What’s at stake? Trivia glory – and also the TOLVU (Thing of Less Value, Unfortunately), of course. What will the TOLVU be for Inkling #2? I can’t say just yet, but here’s a glimpse at the TOLVU from Inkling #1.


If you’re new to The Inkling, click here to find out what it’s all about. If you played in Inkling #1, you may want to note that there are a few changes for this competition.

What’s New for Inkling #2?

  • Teams! Have a trivia partner that you’d like to collaborate with? For additional $5, you can add a second person to your entry. You’ll still receive one set of questions and answer sheets, but you’ll receive two pins, notebooks, and pens. Two-person teams will be a separate division with their own rankings (and will have their own TOLVU for the first place team).
  • International Participation! Not in the States? That’s okay! Your packet will be mailed out on the same day as U.S. participants, but if your shipping address is out of the country, I will email you a PDF of the questions on March 3rd, so you will have about the same amount of time with the questions as in-country participants.
  • Notebooks! For Inkling #2, in place of an art print, participants will be getting an Inkling pocket notebook (with a well-designed cover) and pen. The art prints will likely make a return in the future, but I’m switching up the goodies a bit for this competition. (You will still receive a new/different pin, though!)
  • Other Miscellaneous Format Changes! There will still be visual questions, but there will not be a visual puzzle portion to the competition. There will only be 140 questions, rather than 160. However, I am aiming to make these questions a higher overall quality. There will be fewer “you know it or you don’t” questions and more “you might not know it, but you can puzzle it out from details provided” questions. Read the full rules here.
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