Inkling #3 Results

View the list of questions/answers for the Inkling #3 here.

**denotes ineligibility for prizes due to late entry or being my dad

Rankings for 2-Person Teams

PlaceAliasNumber Correct (out of 140)Correct Percentage
1Crimea River from San Jose12891.43%
2Bi-Coastal by Postal from California & Pennsylvania12790.71%
3Half Past Six Bells from Capital District, NY12488.57%
4Lorin & Mycroft from Chicago12085.71%
5we tried. from San Francisco12085.71%
6Team Skype & Beer (Doug & Lee) from NY & AR11783.57%
7Unexpected Failure Mode from Ferney-Voltare, France11783.57%
8Danna & Jack from Troy, NY11179.29%
9Mobb Deep in Trivia from Oumaumau10977.86%
10Denault and Stowell from The Western Chicago Burbs10675.71%
11Los Cruciverbalistas from Gridland10575%
12The Stevensons from Salem, OR10474.29%
13Questionable Company from Tulsa**10373.57%
14Jordan and Toby from Pittsburgh9970.71%
15Death by Zamboni from Las Vegas9870.00%
16Team Cutie Pie Love Love from Vermont9870%
17D & M Hinz from Las Vegas9668.57%
18Sharp As the Nacks from Arlington, VA9467.14%
19Day/Moser 2020: Anything's Better from Lehigh Valley, PA9366.43%
20Radio Free Columbus from Columbus, OH8762.14%
21Intellectual Chocolate from Louisville, KY8560.71%
22Eric & Anna from San Leandro8460.00%
23Liz & Aly from Oakland, CA8460.00%
24Team Logan from Augusta, Maine8460.00%
25The Newlyweds from Seattle8258.57%
26Alistair and Rebecca Bell from Westchester County, NY8157.86%
27Camilee Serenofield from Anaheim, CA8057.14%
28Meghan & Scott from Morrison7654.29%
29Chris & Katie from Austin, TX7150.71%
30Ashley & Eric from Oakville, Canada6949.29%
31Bill D and Julia K from Brownsburg, IN6949.29%
32Sharpest Pen from Twin Cities, MN6747.86%
33Paul W. & Mathew H. from Toronto, ON6647.14%
34Her? from Detroit, MI6546.43%
35T & M Morris from Stanford, CA5841.43%
36Joe & Ashley from Buffalo, NY3525%

Rankings for Individuals

PlaceAliasNumber Correct (out of 140)Correct Percentage
1Jason Sterlacci from Somerset, NJ11481.43%
2Wesley Wells from Memphis, TN11280.00%
3Adam F from Boston, MA10977.86%
4Jack R. from Santa Clara, CA10575.00%
5CauleyS from Louisville, KY10071.43%
6Russ Friedwald from Springfield, IL9970.71%
7Mike E. from Austin, TX9668.57%
8Jenny O. from Wickliffe, OH9265.71%
9KeenS from Houston, TX9064.29%
10Natalia from Albuquerque, NM8258.57%
11IMFROMJERSEY from Arlington, VA8157.86%
12Julie B. from San Diego8157.86%
13Hunter York from Hardin, KY7855.71%
14Matt Laird from Glenview, IL7553.57%
15Kunle D. from Cambridge, MA7352.14%
16PlumridgeA from Boston, MA7050.00%
17Kari R. from Wauwatosa, WI6747.86%
18Tim from Alexandria, VA6345.00%
19Tony G. from Camillus, NY6345.00%
20Slim Shady from Wilcox, PA**5539.29%
21Steve L. from PA5438.57%
22Addy the Quizzing Ronin from Dumfries, Scotland4834.29%
23BartholowJ from Frederick, MD4834.29%