Inkling #2 Results

View the list of questions/answers for the Inkling #2 here.

Rankings for 2-Person Teams

PlaceTeam AliasNumber Correct (out of 140)Correct Percentage
1Tara W. & Paul B. from Troy, NY12690.00%
2Friendly Franks from Indy12488.57%
3Crimea River from San Jose11481.43%
4Unexpected Failure Mode from Ferney-Voltaire, France11280.00%
5The Other Gabby Douglas from Pasadena, Maryland10877.14%
6Complete Losers from Chicagoland10776.43%
7Shan and John from Seattle, WA10675.71%
8Jordan/Toby from Pittsburgh10675.71%
9Pribeks from Batavia, NY10474.29%
10D. & M. Hinz from Las Vegas, NV10373.57%
11QCo from Tulsa9970.71%
12Cutie Pie Love Love from Vermont9064.29%
13Chris & Katie from Austin, TX8963.57%
14Two Random Nouns from St. Paul, MN8460.00%
15Fluffy Yellow Bunnies from The Woodlands, TX8258.57%
16Jolly Beans from In or Near NYC7956.43%
17Honeychips from New York, NY7654.29%
18Ashley and Eric S. from Canada7452.86%
19Creed Is Good from North Carolina7352.14%
20OM from Pantsuit Nation6345.00%
21Wreckless Abandonment from Salem, MA6143.57%
22Ayelet and Iris from Israel4935.00%

Rankings for Individuals

PlaceAliasNumber Correct (out of 140)Correct Percentage
1Ryan Luptak from Chicago12387.86%
2AndyS from Fuquay Varina, NC11783.57%
3Jeremy H. from San Francisco, CA11179.29%
4James Callan from Washougal, WA10675.71%
5Matt from Dallas9870.00%
6B-Side from Somerville, MA9668.57%
7Julie B. from San Diego9366.43%
8MorganM from NY, NY9265.71%
9KEENS from Houston, TX9165.00%
10Matt C. from Parts Unknown9165.00%
11Mike E. from Austin, TX8661.43%
12Matt Laird from Glenview, IL8661.43%
13Eric L. H. from San Leandro, California8460.00%
14Randall Eng from New York8359.29%
15Tim from Alexandria VA8258.57%
16BoyerA from Longmeadow, MA8258.57%
17ImfromJersey from Arlington, VA8258.57%
18bmh from Buffalo, NY7956.43%
19Noodle from MN7654.29%
20D-Rock from the Internet7251.43%
21Will DeBoard from Modesto,CA7251.43%
22Arlo from Minneapolis7150.71%
23PlumridgeA from Boston, MA7150.71%
24Kari R. from Wauwatosa, WI6848.57%
25Link from Orange County6445.71%
26Melly Jo from Salisbury, MA6143.57%
27Sethmoko from Illinois6042.86%
28Steve L. from PA5539.29%
29Ryan from Buffalo4733.57%
30Joseph T. from Amherst, NY4129.29%