Thank you to everyone who participated in The Inkling #2! I was happy to welcome two-person teams into the mix the time around, as well as international participants. Trivia is best when shared, so I hope those of you who participated as a team enjoyed the experience (and that you’re all still talking to each other after any answer-related arguments).

Let’s do it again later this year, shall we?

Inkling #3 will take place in November 2017. Sign-ups will begin in sometime in early fall.

And Now: The Results

A total of 52 packets were completed and sent back – 22 teams and 30 individuals. There was a possible total of 140 points.


In the team division, with a score of 126, the winners are Tara W. and Paul B. from Troy, NY!

In the individual division, with a score of 123, the winner is Ryan Luptak from Chicago! That makes Ryan the two-time reigning Inkling champion amongst individuals.

Congrats to Tara, Paul, and Ryan! I’ll be in contact with you soon regarding delivery of your TOLVUs.

View the full rankings for Inkling #2

View the full set of questions/answers from Inkling #2 (also contains notes on the percentage each question was answered correctly, and some other miscellaneous question notes)