First of all – thank you to all who participated in The Inkling #1. It’s been nearly a year since I first had the idea to create this thing, and I’m very happy with how it’s turning out so far. I can only hope that you had as much fun playing as I did writing all these questions/creating the packets.

As the first competition like this that I’ve run, there were of course a few bugs (mistakes in the booklet, some questions that weren’t quite as fine-tuned as I would have liked). But I’m hoping to have even fewer mistakes in the Inkling #2.

Inkling #2, by the way, will take place in March 2017. Sign-ups will begin in early January, and will run through early February. I hope you all join again!

The Results

A total of 79 participants completed your packets and sent them back on time. There was a possible total of 161 points (160 questions + the puzzle).

With scores of 139, we had a tie for first place, between Steve Bahnaman from Raleigh, NC and Ryan from Chicago.

The tiebreaker that they each answered over the weekend was:
“In miles, what is the length of Montana’s border with Canada?” (Closest answer wins.)

Steve answered 500 miles. Ryan answered 514 miles.

The correct answer is 545 miles, which means Ryan from Chicago is the winner of Inkling #1! Congratulations, Ryan. The inaugural TOLVU (Thing of Less Value, Unfortunately) is all yours! (Pictures of the prize will be posted to Inkling social media feeds once it’s been delivered.)

Click here to view the full rankings for Inkling #1

Click here to view the full set of questions/answers from Inkling #1 (also contains notes on the percentage each question was answered correctly, and some other miscellaneous question notes/shoutouts to “brilliant but wrong” answers)

Thank you to all who played! Let’s do it again in 2017!